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7 beautiful lessons in entrepreneurship from Sui Dhaaga

7 beautiful lessons in entrepreneurship from Sui Dhaaga

Far from Bollywood’s tried-and-tested mix of glamour, violence, cuss words and obscene jokes, Sharat Katariya’s Sui Dhaaga is a refreshing breath of fresh air.

While, this may not be the first movie in this genre (Guru and Rocket Singh to name a couple), it does a splendid job of leaving you with a feeling called ‘I can do it too…’ and not just that, it also shows you how. And that’s exactly where it hits the nail!

So here are some important lessons in entrepreneurship taught by Mauji(Varun Dhawan) and Mamta(Anushka Sharma):

1. Realize where you are In the first few scenes of the movie, we see Mauji being asked occasionally to act like a pet animal by his employer’s son and Mauji without even realizing that he is doing something beneath his dignity, complies. While most of those working in the corporate world, thankfully do not face such circumstances often but because they hardly question their modus-operandi, a lot of them get domesticated and end up doing stuff they are over-qualified for. Often before an entrepreneur is born, an employee realizes that his leash is in someone else’s hand.

2. No time is perfect time
A lot of dreamers keep on waiting for the perfect time to take the plunge. Mauji and Mamta on the other hand decide to stick with their decision of taking a risk at a time when their family is neck-deep in financial trouble. Neither do they abandon the family to go for their own adventure, nor do they sacrifice their own dreams. They establish a balance right in the center of a thunderstorm. Problems are a part of life and one cannot wait for all the problems to disappear in order to take important turns in one’s journey. You never know, waiting too much may make you miss an important turn.

3. Nothing wrong in starting small Although Mauji quits his employer in a moment of heat, he struggles with the thought of ‘how to begin’. Mamta quite wittily puts the idea of a roadside make-do arrangement in Mauji’s head and the business begins with a sewing machine in the middle of nowhere with their basic marketing tool being- going to every possible shop nearby and letting them know where Mauji sits and what he does.

4. Don’t shy away from struggles
Here’s where, honestly, we see a bit of exaggerated drama in the movie. Mauji and Mamta end up travelling several kilometres on an old bicycle just to get hold of a sewing machine. The endless queue for the machine clubbed with the bleeding of Mauji’s foot and his absence when his turn actually comes, may make the whole scene look a little too filmy. However, the real-life struggles faced by several entrepreneurs can be equally taxing if not much worse. No kidding. Learn to embrace struggles rather than shying away from them

5. Your work will speak for you
Mauji stitches the perfect maxi for his beloved Amma who is in the hospital. And soon enough (again a bit of exaggeration here), people flock to him to buy a similar maxi. In real life, demand for something new doesn’t really rise up so fast. However, if your product/service is really good, word of mouth is sure to fetch you your initial list of clients.

6. Be passionate, not foolish
When Mauji and Mamta are offered a job at a local fashion designer’s factory, they mull over it and considering their economic condition, decide to take it. If nothing else, they learn the nuances of the trade at this place and are able to extend some financial support for Mauji’s mother’s treatment. Ofcourse, they leave this job later once they realize that the designer doesn’t really stand for the values they believe in. But they leave as much more skilled and wiser individuals.

7. Make your family your team and your team your family
How to build the right team is one of the biggest questions which haunts anyone willing to start up. Mauji’s strongest support is Mamta, his life-partner. And when they both have to take up a challenge involving more hands than four, they convince the people living in their vicinity to join them. The lesson- Reach out to people you already know- your family, friends and people you’ve already known for a while. Their support will help you kick-start your venture and you will have people you love around to celebrate your initial fruits of success!